Hiatus (again!)

So as you will have noticed, once again we have gone quiet on you! The main reason for this is that Finn is off having a great time in Japan. We had discussed the possibility of recording a show or two while she is there, but for two reasons this has not happened. Firstly, I think she should be making the most of her time in Japan and not sitting down chatting to someone who will burn the ear off her when she gets home. And secondly, I still don’t have the time to dedicate to editing as well as negotiating the time difference to get it done.

I hope you guys will still keep our feed in your various podcast aggregates so when we rise from the ashes you will be able to catch up with us. Thanks for listening so far and we hope to chat to you all soon.

Episode 62 – Return of the Son of the Bride of the Skeprechauns Part II

Turns out sticking to a podcasting schedule is just not in our nature! Mostly this pod explains why…

Episode 61 – Behind the Skepticism

And we’re back! Did you miss us?

In this episode we talk academia, abortion (because that’s in the news again), missions to mars, water and the charging for it.. and at the end the proper way to say goodbye.

Down but not out… yet!

Our regular listeners have probably noticed by now that myself and Finn have been struggling to get our two podcasts a month out. It’ll come as no surprise to you all that this is largely due to our studies – Finn’s dissertation is due in early September and I am submitting a progress report on my first year of research late that month too.

With these deadlines and our sanity in mind, we have decided to take a short break from recording. We aim to get back behind the mic some time in September. We hope that you can bear with us and welcome back to the internets once we emerge from the other side (the skeptical gods willing, unscathed).

Thanks so much for listening to us for this long – talk to you guys in the Autumn!